Git Submobules

Being relatively new to using Hugo one of the neat things about setting up my site was using the git submodule command to add the theme for the site. While I’m not new to using git, this is my first experience with using submodules.

Surface Pro 8 Initial Thoughts

Until recently I had been using a 10+ year old Dell laptop as a “server” running Ubuntu with several Docker containers for various apps. I woke up one morning to a powered off laptop. Nothing I did would revive my “server”. So to get back up and running, I removed the internal SSD from said dead laptop and copied the needed files over to another laptop that already had Ubuntu loaded on it in a dual boot setup with Windows.

Books Read in 2022

It is not uncommon for me to read the same books multiple times and this year was no different. In truth I failed to finish reading a few book series that I meant to read this year (the honorable mentions). Either way, I still did plenty of reading this year with mostly re-reads, but I did get a couple of new books in.

First Post

A new website must mean a new era. Setting up my Hugo based static website. Need some basic content to get started, so here is my first post.