Surface Pro 8 Initial Thoughts

Until recently I had been using a 10+ year old Dell laptop as a “server” running Ubuntu with several Docker containers for various apps. I woke up one morning to a powered off laptop. Nothing I did would revive my “server”. So to get back up and running, I removed the internal SSD from said dead laptop and copied the needed files over to another laptop that already had Ubuntu loaded on it in a dual boot setup with Windows.

Books Read in 2022

It is not uncommon for me to read the same books multiple times and this year was no different. In truth I failed to finish reading a few book series that I meant to read this year (the honorable mentions). Either way, I still did plenty of reading this year with mostly re-reads, but I did get a couple of new books in.

First Post

A new website must mean a new era. Setting up my Hugo based static website. Need some basic content to get started, so here is my first post.